About Random Hag..........

I used to go on and on and on about myself and my thoughts and the things I like on this page. Then, for years, I got very private and gave no personal information at all. Now I'll be somewhere in the middle of that. I don't mind sharing a few things, but I'm going to depend largely on links to get the point across, because I don't want to kill my hand by typing like a lunatic.

Anyway, I'm Miki. I'm from Asbury Park, NJ, but I've lived in West Hollywood, CA since 1998. I used to be a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. Now, I work for a singer/songwriter as a personal assistant. I also work as a nanny. And I'm a personal chef in my spare time. If you live in the greater West Hollywood area, and you need someone to either watch your child or cook vegan food for you, I'm your gal!

In spite of the fact that I live a mere 1/2 block away from the very heart of the Sunset Strip, I lead a pretty tranquil life. I do a lot of cooking. I spend a ridiculous amount of time collecting and veganizing recipes. My recipe collection is threathening to take over the whole house. When I'm not cooking or thinking about cooking, you'll find me taking a long walk, drinking tea or organic red wine, sleeping, going thrift store shopping, driving my Prius on some long journey, playing Rummikub or Backgammon.... and chances are good that I'll be engaged in any of those activities with my best friend / husband, the brilliant and multi-talented Mark. We got married in August, 2005. We adopted the best cat in the world in January of 2006. We love her.

That's enough about me! If you have any questions, just ask.