Hey Folks,

I made it home from my 2 month tour on 12/16! THANK YOU to everyone who wrote to me and gave me tips! I ate amazingly well! I never expected to find awesome vegan food in places like Iowa City, Columbia, MO and Salt Lake City, but I'll be damned if I didn't! So, y'all RULE!

I had an AWESOME time on tour, much better than I had anticipated. The electric car RULES. I am totally in love with it. I put something like 13,000 miles on it over the course of my 8 weeks of travel. I drove a lot. I slept less than I drove, I think. :-) Still, it was a wonderful journey... and I will hopefully be doing it again this Spring! Stay tuned!

And since I'll probably never record a cd or write a book that gets published, I feel the need to do a little dedication here to the folks who helped me out this Fall.

Julia Stewart! There would have been dire consequences if you had not been around to help me with the stuff that I couldn't do when I was 2000 miles away from my office. THANK YOU for driving to Little Rock AND from Seattle with me. THANK YOU for listening to me rant when I had a melt down and decided I hated everybody. THANK YOU for always being there for me.

Bernie, Tally Man, Spanky, Eben, Wil and Shark! THANK YOU first and foremost for letting me tag along on your journey. I had a blast! THANK YOU for helping me with the driving... or at least for being in the car with me and eating my vegan snacks and taking naps (you know who you are). THANK YOU for not getting annoyed when I whined about being tired or about not having vegan food to eat. THANK YOU for the late night viewings of 1970's and 80's sitcoms. THANK YOU for making such amazing music that consistantly made me put down my laptop to get up and dance along. I miss all of you so much already!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who I met up with along the way. THANK YOU for letting me stay at your homes. THANK YOU for cooking for me or buying me dinner. THANK YOU for letting me temporarily turn your homes into my office. THANK YOU for keeping me company at shows. THANK YOU for cuddling me. THANK YOU for bringing me vegan desserts. THANK YOU for helping me with my Merch Girl duties.THANK YOU for buying me drinks. THANK YOU for dancing with me. THANK YOU for making me laugh and keeping me happy when I was far from home. I am so lucky to know all of you humans!!!

Until the next journey,

Random Girl

PS. I just got back from Germany. With all of the travelling I have been doing, I just might never leave my house again!

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